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Salt Yarn Studio is a fiber resource and craft school, with a focus on creating physical and digital spaces for educating and supporting independent fiber makers through craft and storytelling. The inclusive and community oriented studio encourages learning and play, with creative programming for all ages. 

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Julia Goldstein

Julie grew up on the Cape and was first introduced to knitting, crochet and sewing by her grandmother Fran.  She fell hard for all things hand made, which led her to study fashion design in Paris for several years. She then spent 12 years in the Boston area, designing sneakers for Converse and recently moved back home to Cape Cod to start a family with her partner Stone, and to pursue her dream of collaborating with a local community of fiber enthusiasts.  She lives in Cummaquid with Stone,  and their 3 children. 


Nancy Richard

Nancy learned to knit at eight years old, and has never stopped. Through the years, while raising kids and working full-time in a demanding profession (sadly unrelated to fiber), she has always had a couple of knitting projects going, and like most fiber addicts, her stash of yarn and fleece is out of control. Still her favorite souvenir when traveling anywhere in the world is locally sourced yarn. (After all, it’s not stash; it’s a souvenir!).  Besides knitting, she loves to spin, weave, hand dye yarn and fleece, and design knitted and woven garments. Being part of Team Salt gives me a chance to indulge in these fun activities, and meet lots of other fiber addicts at the same time. 


Maureen Macadam

Maureen learned to knit from her mother while growing up in the Boston area, and has been at it ever since. She worked at a yarn shop throughout college and grad school in NH and spent more time knitting and planning projects than studying.

She love working with wooly yarns and choosing fun color palettes and special buttons for knitting projects.

Maureen ives in Yarmouth Port with Dennis and has two grown children and an adorable grandson.


Sarah Pascale

Sarah has been in love with yarn since she was 6 years old and her first grade teacher taught her to knit. and has been knitting ever since! She is married to Mickey, and has three grown children, Benjamin, Carly , and Sam.  Sarah is a retired dental hygienist and worked for her dad for 20 years in CT.  She moved to Eastham full time 5 years ago. Last year, she found Salt Yarn Studio and it quickly became  her favorite shop.  She hopes to meet you and work with you to find your favorite yarn and patterns.


Sarah Fisk

Because of Sarah’s family she is never without her knitting. Her mother was a seamstress and her grandmother was a crocheter, a knitter, and a seamstress.  And taught Sarah how to crochet in 6th grade. While living overseas in 2010, I friend taught her to knit her she first cardigan, Tea Leaves Cardigan, and from there she dove head first into the knitting rabbit hole.  Her knitting process came from fellow knitters, books, YouTube and Vogue Knitting Live classes.  In 2015, Sarah dove deeper into the fiber world by receiving a Louet spinning wheel as a gift from her family.  Sarah is never afraid to rip her knitting back, she might not like to, but it’s part of her process.  Ask her about that “orange cardigan!”  She moved with her husband to Boston in 2018. They bought a house in West Dennis that same year.  She has two grown beautiful knit-worthy women who now call Massachusetts their home. Sarah can be found on Ravelry and Instagram with the username The Martini Knitter spelled all together as one word.  The username is a story for another day.  


Julia Steinbok

Julia learned the knit stitch from her Baba Sonya while still a kindergartener in Eastern Europe, but took the deep dive into fiber arts as an adult.  On her way to a recording studio one day, she noticed a hand-knit shawl in the window of a local yarn shop, and thinking, “Huh…that looks like it wouldn’t be TOO hard, right?” impulsively bought needles, yarn and a simple pattern for the first time. Many months, hours of Youtube videos and dozens of knitting books later, Julia had become a devoted knitter. A passionate evangelist for the role of crafts and the fiber arts in building a community of makers, she brings that passion to her teaching and design work at Salt Yarn Studio. Her particular joy is helping crafters of every age and ability level gain confidence in their own skills, and to share Baba Sonya’s guiding principle of “bez uprechnost,” (Russian for “beyond reproach”), combining skillful craftsmanship with a fearless approach to design and materials.  A newcomer to the Cape, Julia is an accomplished musician and visual artist, and lives with her dog Figaro and two very evil cats named Novka and Tuchka.

Our Team
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